50% cats 50% rock.
I hate clowns.
michael monroe and ginger are my idols.


I love Michael Monroe and his songs far too much~! (~ * -*)~

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Cheyenne- Hanoi Rocks

There’s something sad but sweet about the fact that the only person who cares about this girl and the fact she gets home safely is her ex-boyfriend 

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Lightnin’ Bar Blues - Hanoi Rocks

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Ginger - Monkey Zoo [Live Begins at 40]

Death, though going on world-wide still takes us by surprise
OK you had to go, but I bet you didn’t know
That you’d take a piece of me away with you
Now it’s too damn late to say I love you

Along with Urge this is a required listen for when you’re utterly miserable and pissed off somewhat with circumstance.


Dark chest of wonders

Seen through the eyes

Of the one with pure heart

Once so long ago

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Underoath - Reinventing Your Exit

This song really is a classic.

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HIM - And Love Said No

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You Love Us (Heavenly Version) Manic Street Preachers

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